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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY

Think about it, you spend a big chunk of your time at work: a third of your life to be precise. Imagine spending this time on something that was like a hobby for you? Do you want your work to be a source of happiness for you? If you align your talent with your professional challenges, you can make it happen.


The foundations for success lie in detecting your potential and working on it. Knowing what your weak points are and focusing on your stronger ones through positive values is the path to fast, sustainable professional progress. Together, we’ll promote your strengths and discover hidden talents and skills you never knew you had. 


By working with me, you’ll improve not only on a professional level but also in other areas of life. You can only do it if you look inside yourself, believe in yourself, get to know yourself and make the right decisions based on your talent. The key to personal and professional success lies in knowing how to manage it effectively and align it with your professional and life challenges. 

Marta Badias
Career & Business Coach
Organizational Psychologist

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