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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY

Inspiring talent, promoting

Marta Badias believes that everybody, regardless of age, education or social status, can become a respected, recognised and valued professional. Detecting talent and adopting a good career plan is vital for this. With this vision, Marta has spent the past 15 years working alongside professionals and companies, helping them to draw up plans and meet their goals.


Marta’s unique contribution is the natural and intuitive way in which she combines business vision with psychology. Her experience in HR management and the management of domestic and international business units have oriented her work towards the achievement and attainment of goals, always with an emphasis on people’s happiness.

Marta Badias

Career & Business Coach

Organisational Psychologist

“Beyond talent, beyond studies, beyond your working life, in order to be the professional you want to be, you need to identify, design and implement your career plan. Whether you’re still studying or you’ve just qualified, you’re a working professional or an entrepreneur, together we will draw up a plan to help you go further”.

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