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By Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

ISBN-10: 1111531005

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C. Is the algorithm for converting the input items into output items provided? 7. (Practice) A C++ program is required that calculates and displays the weekly gross pay and net pay of two employees. 67. Both employees have 20% of their gross pay withheld for income tax, and both pay 2% of their gross pay, before taxes, for medical benefits. a. For this programming problem, how many outputs are required? b. How many inputs does this problem have? c. Write an algorithm for converting the input items into output items.

The quotation marks are used to delimit (mark) the beginning and ending of the string and aren’t considered part of the string. 1. Now examine another program to understand cout’s versatility. 2 to determine what it does. 2 is run, the following is displayed: Computers,ƒcomputersƒeverywhere ƒƒƒasƒfarƒasƒIƒcanƒC You might be wondering why the \n didn’t appear in the output. The characters \ and n, when used together, are called a newline escape sequence. They tell cout to send instructions to the display device to move to the beginning of a new line.

B. In what order do you think a main() function might execute these functions (based on their names)? 4. (Practice) Determine names for functions that do the following: a. Find the average of a set of numbers. b. Find the area of a rectangle. c. Find the circumference of a circle. d. Find the maximum value in a set of numbers. e. Convert an uppercase letter to a lowercase letter. f. Sort a set of numbers from lowest to highest. g. Alphabetize a list of names. 5. (Practice) Just as the keyword int can be used to signify that a function returns an integer, the keywords void, char, float, and double can be used to signify that a function returns no value, a character, a floating-point number, and a double-precision number, respectively.

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