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By Helmut Breuninger, Patrick Adam

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There hasn’t been a publication bearing on "Microscopically managed surgical procedure" released and it's important to put up a booklet that information the entire diverse phrases and method utilized in microscopically managed surgical procedure. The aim is to create a realistic, concise and easy clarification of 3D-histology with workflows and exact illustrative fabric for dermatologists. it's for that reason designed to be a goal-oriented guide instead of an exhaustive reference paintings. it is going to give you the crucial details for all operating with sufferers present process this team of treatments.

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3b). Then the tissue pieces are transferred into an embedding mold, pressing their outsides down (Fig. 3c, c¢). , the orientation of the samples must stay the same. Now the embedding mold can be filled with liquid paraffin (Fig. 3d), and the bottom of the embedding cassette is pressed into the still hot paraffin as a lit (Fig. 3e). 1 Langenbrinck Corp. com 32 Chapter 3. 3 Embedding in a mold with paraffin to get a block for sectioning Preparation of Paraffin Sectioning The cooled and hardened paraffin block (Fig.

5a). 5 nm are recommended. Each section (Fig. 5b) is placed in a warm water bath (Fig. 5c). , the tissue should never be flipped over as this would change the orientation. The transferred paraffin section will float on 34 Chapter 3. 5 Paraffin sectioning. The paraffin sections are put carefully in a water bath and then from their backside on the slide the water and can be moved onto a glass slide by moving the glass slide under the floating section in the water. The backside of the section will lie on the front side of the glass slide.

In this instance, the marker should be positioned at the top of the spindle and may therefore deviate from the 12 o’clock position which has to be documented (see arrows in Fig. 9a). To separate the side margins, two 2–3 mm 24 Chapter 2. The Basics for Excision and Flattening wide strips are cut from the borders with a scalpel and or a scissors (Fig. 9b, c). The bottom of the excised tumor specimen is cut away as well (Fig. 9d). Now, the strips and bottom are placed with their outside down in a plane (Fig.

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